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Category Basic SEO

  • The Fundamentals of SEO

    by Simon 17 Lessons in £35.00

    6 learners taking this course

    This course lays the groundwork for all other SEO courses. You should really start here. Use these lessons to get the basics locked down and once you’re done, you’ll be ready to delve into each facet of SEO. You’ll be on your way to becoming an expert.    

  • On Page SEO

    by Simon 11 Lessons in £35.00

    5 learners taking this course

    The purpose of this Course is to teach you the basics of On-page optimisation. It can be one of the easiest to get right but also the easiest to get wrong.

    This is a basic guide for Free! so learn as much as you can so where possible you can make the right kind of changes to help your search visibility.

  • Key Algorithm Updates

    by Simon 5 Lessons in £0.00

    7 learners taking this course

    Google continually changes and updates its search engine. Be it algorithmically in the back-end to tackle spam, or in its output to you – the user (and that means your customers, too). This is where you’ll learn all about the latest Google updates. Any time the search engine changes, we’ll…

  • Google Webmaster Tools Basics

    by Simon 7 Lessons in £35.00

    4 learners taking this course

    In Google’s eyes, Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is your only tool for analysing SEO performance and establishing any errors or issues on your site. It’s the one stop shop for Webmasters. And it can get very data heavy. This course covers the real basics of what you need to know…

  • SEO Reporting Basics

    by Simon 8 Lessons in £35.00

    5 learners taking this course

    Only if you measure SEO, will you see the true ROI on your money and time. You’re about to learn exactly how to measure SEO performance, in order to identify what you’re doing right and where you need to improve. On top of that, we’ve loaded this section with a…

  • Linking Basics

    by Simon 6 Lessons in £35.00

    5 learners taking this course

    Linking be it internal or external can be one of the most powerful tools for building authority with specific intent to those pages that matter. As with everything in SEO there’s a fine line between doing it right and doing it wrong! This course will go into detail of how…

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