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Category Intermediate SEO

  • Rich Snippets

    by Simon 5 Lessons in £45.00

    0 learners taking this course

    Rich Snippets are your way to maximise your brand in the Google Results page. Google afford you the ability to add some additional features to the shop window that is the Google Results page. So take it beyond a good Title and Description and learn how to get the most…

  • Local Search Optimisation

    by Simon 6 Lessons in £45.00

    0 learners taking this course

    The purpose of this Course is to establish the core ranking factors needed when tackling ranking within specific locations that are susceptible to the Google Venice Algorithm. We will touch on tactics for locations where you have a physical address and in some cases where you do not. The goal…

  • Mobile SEO

    by Simon 4 Lessons in £45.00

    0 learners taking this course

    Considering Mobile SEO is incredibly important when implementing a mobile version of your site. Whilst your intent will be to capture those lost mobile conversions or increase usability. An incorrect deployment of your mobile site could cause Google to think you’re cloaking or index the wrong version to desktop users.

  • Keyword Research

    by Simon 3 Lessons in £45.00

    0 learners taking this course

    Whenever undertaking an SEO campaign. The fundamental thing you need to know is what are people searching for? You may understand your market and your business but unless you’ve got the data to back this up you’re going in blind. What this course will teach you is how to establish…

  • Full Technical Audit

    by Simon 7 Lessons in £45.00

    0 learners taking this course

    One core aspect of any SEO campaign is to make sure that it’s set up in the most optimal manner. You can have the greatest content and products in the world but if you don’t have the fundamentals down then you’re going to significantly hamper your efforts. The following course…

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