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Google Webmaster Tools Basics

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Adding Your Site to Google Webmaster Tools

In this course we’re going to assume you know nothing about GWT (no offense) and try to work from there. Firstly start by navigating to Google Webmaster tools, either by Googling or navigating to the URL shown below.   https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/   Make sure you setup an account if you haven’t already (it’s...

GWT Dashboard Explained

by Simon Mickle So now we’re in! GWT in all its glory. But what does this mean to you? Here’s what we see: Left hand navigation New and Important information Crawl Errors Search Queries Sitemaps    

New and Important Information

New and Important is Google’s place to inform you of issues on your site or with your links. Typically, if you get a link penalisation you will get an un-natural link warning. An example penalisation would be a penalisation based on the Google Penguin algorithm. Subsequently, any advanced things like...

GWT Crawl Errors

DNS DNS – Domain Name System – This is the system required to assign your server’s IP address with your actual domain. So whilst your server may exist as this isn’t the conventional way of navigating to site … nor is it very catchy! DNS allows your domain to...

GWT Search Queries

GWT Search Queries are incredibly important. We use this section as the basis for our basic reporting course but not only that, it allows you to see a the kind of impression and click data coming to your site. -          Impression Data is defined as a user searching a term and...

GWT Sitemaps

Sitemaps are an essential element to your site when it comes to giving Google and crawlers alike, instructions and a path to each page on your website. When we refer to sitemaps in the context of Google Webmaster Tools, we’re referring to an XML sitemap – not your typical HTML sitemap...

GWT Overview

GWT is an essential tool to any webmaster but also to an SEO. It allows us to really understand how Google sees your website. And then allows us to take appropriate action to be taken on search visibility. The lessons here have only just touched the surface of what you can do....

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