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Keyword Research

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Keyword Research Introduction

One of the main issues with any SEO campaign is to know what to target. It’s something that’s rather subjective and the more knowledge you have in the industry you’re in the better. There may be search volume or a specific term but understanding the users intent behind each search...

Utilising The Google Keyword Planner

Once logged in you need to navigate to Tool --> Keyword Planner Now you will be presented with a series of options. In the following course we’ll only be concerning ourselves with Search for new keyword and ad group ideas Get search volume for  a list of keywords or group...

Keyword Research Summary

So now you know how to use the keyword tool. I’d strongly suggest you play around with ad group ideas to expand your keyword list. Primarily you will know whether or not a term will be a profitable investment. But remember that a great barometer and measurer of commercial intent...

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