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Managing and Scheduling Team Deliverables

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Managing and Scheduling Overview

Here at Web Assessments. We strive for great project management. There’s nothing worse than a mountain of tasks and no ability to define who and when a job gets done. With everything you’ve learned from this site and around the web there’s definitely a lot you want to be getting...

Setting Up Your Freedcamp Account

So let’s get you set-up on Freedcamp. https://freedcamp.com/register It’d probably be best to use whatever account you work with on day to day basis. As some functionality you may require that we don’t cover here.

Freedcamp Project Templates

Now we've got an account we need to set-up a project template. Unfortunately you’re required to set-up a project before you’re given access to such an option. If you’re just going to have one SEO project then treat this as your single project. But if you manage multiple sites or...

Creating A New Project with the Template

So now we have a working template we can create a project based on the template we defined. From the dashboard or where visible click the create a project button. Now within this you should be able to set the template.     Voila! You now have a full project...

Installing Calendar App to Sync With Google Calendar

      The above is all well and good. Tasks groups clearly defined and just awaiting some information. But let’s get the final piece of the puzzle into place before we start adding tasks. This will truly make the difference and show you why this is the ultimate solution...

Using Freedcamp With Google Calendar

Now it’s all connected there are core considerations to be made if you’re using this for multiple users. One great feature is the ability to have a monthly/weekly/daily agenda. Thus allowing every task to be shown and printed out. Allowing you to manage and tick off tasks as they’re completed....

Basic Task Entry

This is just a quick how-to on the to-do front. It’s a pretty intuitive system but again to give it context to how we do it we’ll show the basics that fill this scenario. It’s powerful in other ways but the ability to have it work how we want in...

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