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Mobile SEO

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Mobile SEO Introduction

Mobile SEO is a key factor to any SEO campaign in the modern era of search… Mobile optimisation regardless of an SEO stand point is ever prevalent as a requirement to any online business. With a total of 17.4% of all global web traffic coming through mobile. This number is...

Mobile SEO Responsive Design

To elaborate and touch briefly on the technicality of responsive design we must first understand how responsive design reacts to a mobile device. Typically upon landing on webpage the onsite code is able to establish the screen resolution that navigates to that page. So for example a 22” screen typically...

Mobile SEO Sub-domain URLS

In this example the mobile website is typically driven by a separate domain. Or what is referred to as a subdomain. This sub-domains purpose is to serve a mobile optimised version of the website in question. An example would be the Marks and Spencer’s website http://m.marksandspencer.com/mt/www.marksandspencer.com The ideal scenario here...

Mobile SEO Dynamic Code Based on Device

The following deployment is our least favourite and the least advised recommendation. However understanding that whilst it’s not advised real world dictates this could or will be the deployment. This setup means that when a mobile user-agent navigates to the website that a different set of HTML code renders the...

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