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Rich Snippets

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Rich Snippets Introduction

As our course description alludes to. Rich snippets are a way to manipulate the current data on your site so that it shows within the SERP additional features related to the content you’ve marked up in the correct way. There’s some fantastic information over at Google about this but our...

Google Authorship

Google authorship is in its infancy when it comes to being displayed in the Google SERPS. It’s something Google are still working on so is subject to change. But the fundamental goal and implementation stays the same. You’ll most likely have seen authorship of some sort but let’s take a...

Configuring Google Authorship

So authorship is based around the author so it will require a Google Plus profile. You cannot use a brand here so you must consider how you will approach this as a business. There are two schools of thought when it comes to approaching this as a business or a...


Breadcrumbs are a huge advantage within any website. If you don’t have breadcrumbs within your site then this won’t be an appropriate action if you’re unsure then they should reasonably like the below.   The above is taken from www.play.com. Which is a huge e-commerce store in the UK. From...

Google Rich Snippet Videos

Video rich snippets are hugely sought after but are also one of the hardest to obtain and implement. The following is based on a video being hosted on your website. Whilst some boast best practice for YouTube videos at this current time there is no definitive guide of getting YouTube...

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