It’s what launches your website into the first pages of Google – the money-making positions.

But it can be a headache to figure out … we know. That’s why we built this five-part course for you.

And here’s the best bit …


You don’t have to be a super geek to learn how to ‘do’ SEO

You just need to have one character trait.

The same character trait that got you to visit this page in the first place – leadership.

It’s your leadership quality that gives you the desire to take control. Full control.

And that’s what this basic SEO course will give you – full control of how your website (or your client’s website) performs.

What you’ll learn

The Fundamentals Of SEO

Get to know why Google places one site above the other. And all the other basic stuff anybody (from newbie to expert) needs to know about SEO.

Key Google Algorithm Updates

Google tweaks its search engine from time to time – changing the way it works. We’ll bring you right up to date with the latest tweaks in this section.

SEO Reporting Basics

Unless you’re measuring SEO properly, you’ll never see the real benefits or areas for improvement. You’re given the backbone for your online marketing campaign here.

Linking Basics

Links play a big role in the ever-changing plot of SEO. There are good ways and bad ways to use them, we’ll show you both.

On Page Optimisation – Basic

From this section alone, you’ll be able to go back to your website and make some impactful changes straightaway. And you’ll be ready for the next stage of your SEO learning.

… by the end of the course, you’ll 100% know you’ve digested every nugget of SEO guidance from each chapter – because we give you a test of knowledge at the final stage.

You can even revisit the course content and retake the test too.

This is your first step towards becoming an expert in SEO. Your competitors are either already ‘in the game’ or they know nothing about this stuff at all.

Take the online course. Pass the test. Get the digital edge on your rivals.

 A guaranteed investment into your SEO knowledge …

This course is the real deal – designed and tested by SEO experts who’ve been through every generation of Google updates.

There’s no stone left unturned, no jargon left unexplained and no chance you’re going to fail at this.

And …

If you don’t feel like you’ve cranked your SEO knowledge up a gear within the first 30 days of training with us, we’ll be happy to give you your money back.

Intermediate SEO Training

£ 300

One Off
      • Access to all 7 Basic SEO Courses
      • Access to all Intermediate SEO Courses
      • Lifetime Access
      • No Joining Fee
      • Community Access
      • Q&A Support
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As a small business owner I struggle to afford the time to attend a full SEO day course or afford an agency. So being able to learn the fundamentals was a great asset to me. Local Search is finally my friend!

Jessica White

I run a few on-line websites and SEO was always a bit of black magic. Now I’ve learned what Google look for in a site and what kind of activity to avoid if I don’t want to be penalised.

John Dawson

Basic SEO Training

£ 200

Per Year
      • Access to all 7 Basic SEO Courses
      • Lifetime Access
      • No Joining Fee
      • Community Access
      • Q&A Support
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