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What you’ll learn

The Fundamentals Of SEO

Get to know why Google places one site above the other. And all the other basic stuff anybody (from newbie to expert) needs to know about SEO.

Key Google Algorithm Updates

Google tweaks its search engine from time to time – changing the way it works. We’ll bring you right up to date with the latest tweaks in this section.

SEO Reporting Basics

Unless you’re measuring SEO properly, you’ll never see the real benefits or areas for improvement. You’re given the backbone for your online marketing campaign here.

Linking Basics

Links play a big role in the ever-changing plot of SEO. There are good ways and bad ways to use them, we’ll show you both.

On Page Optimisation – Basic

From this section alone, you’ll be able to go back to your website and make some impactful changes straightaway. And you’ll be ready for the next stage of your SEO learning.

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