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SEO Reporting Basics

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SEO Reporting Basics

Whilst there are many paid-for ranking tools out there that can vary in their ability to accurately track your keywords, you can already extract monthly keyword ranking data straight from Google (so don’t go spending your money on a ‘silver bullet’ ranking tool just yet). Whether localised search is impacting...

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Increase in MOM or YOY organic traffic Increase In MOM or YOY Organic Conversions Increase In MOM or YOY Organic Revenue Ranking Targets Organic Impressions Specific Product/Page traffic increase

How to Extract Required SEO Data from Google

by Simon Mickle First off you will require a keyword list, so if you haven't already I’d go ahead with some keyword research and establish the core search queries you want to target. If you have no idea what you’d like to check, then the course will show how to...

How to Review Your Organic Visits by Keyword

Whilst Google Analytics used to be a great tool to show organic keyword data, you are no longer able to access this due to the Hummingbird update. So, Web-Assessments have come up with a workaround that enables you to view your organic visits by keyword. Unfortunately, if it’s under 10...

How to Review Your Organic Visits by Landing Page

One of the best parts about GWT is the Top Pages data it provides. This basically tells you what your best pages are for driving traffic. The only bad news is that this data cannot be paired with ranking data. However, accompanied with impression and click data, this is incredibly...

Reporting Review

Hopefully, you've managed to establish and create a basic reporting template from the above lessons. To complete the course and confirm that you now know your stuff when it comes to SEO reporting - just take the quiz. If you’re still hungry to develop your SEO reporting ability - then...

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