On Page Optimisation



You’re about to learn the nuts and bolts of on-page optimisation (otherwise known as ‘onsite SEO’).

Basically, this means changing things on your website such as structure, header tags and landing page content, in order to enhance your website’s overall recognisability with search engines like Google.

Now, the number one lesson here is that a webmaster should always write for internet users … not search engines. But there are certain elements of your site that you must optimise, in order for Google to even identify your great user-friendly content for what it is.

On-page optimisation can be one of the easiest aspects of SEO to get right … but also the easiest to get wrong.

Once you come out of the other side of this 3,000 word guide, you’ll know how to make impactful changes to your website, in order to benefit its visibility within Google.

Most people don’t know this stuff. And you’re about to train yourself on it all.

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